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How It Works

CLZ Health aims to become the best medical services information platform for medical tourists. Our blockchain provides privacy, security and trust to both consumers and healthcare service providers.  We believe that every medical tourist has the right to ethical, legal, licensed, transparent, affordable, fair and first-class medical services available to locals.  Consumers can leverage the information service exchange on CLZ Heath to reliably shop for best in class cross border medical services, including medical services for organ transplants and commercial surrogacy, often times too difficult to secure or otherwise unavailable in host countries.

Consumers use the CLZ blockchain to book and secure medical services via the medical information service exchange. CLZ blockchain allows consumers to book desired services abroad, while maintaining confidence and trust in the medical service providers.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The best information service platform for medical tourism


The Process





Cancer Screening

Commercial Surrogacy

Organ Transplant

Fertility Treatment

Genetic Testing

Our healthcare partners are leaders in preventive medicine.  A cancer screening examination will provide consumers with comprehensive health information and examination results that may be used to improve health and well being.  As part of the cancer screening examination, consumers receive a complete physical exam and expert evaluation of the screening results regarding the future risks for the cancers tested.

CLZ Health will enable consumers to shop for commercial and altruistic surrogacy services using the blockchain platform in a transparent, efficient and caring way. CLZ aims​ to develop and provide a platform that allows transparency for those families seeking surrogate services while also enabling all participants to have their rights protected.​

CLZ Health is building a trusted blockchain information exchange to provide transparency and trusted communication between licensed reputable medical facilities and kidney patients across borders.

Infertile couples desiring in vitro fertilization (“IVF”) services may use the CLZ Health information service exchange blockchain and utility tokens to shop for IVF services, including providers of surrogacy services in connection with IVF services.  Looking forward, CLZ Health may explore offering its own surrogacy services, wherein infertile couples may identify prospective surrogates initiate surrogacy and manage every stage of the surrogate pregnancy.

Consumers may obtain the benefits of modern genetic science from CLZ Health’s comprehensive genetic testing service providers.  Current genetic advancements enable the consumer to identify and determine the risks of developing certain genetic disorders, including genetic cancer risk.



Carlos Chou
Founder and Chairman

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Co-founder and President

Dr. Michael Wong
Co-founder and

Chief Medical Officer

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Chief Operating

Legal Officer

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Head of Engineering


Advisory Board & Team

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Dr. Gary Baker

Mike De La Cruz

Tomoya Endo

Krishnendu Datta

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Liu Meichen
China Operations

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Mo Di
Japan Operations

Takashi Okamura

Dr. David Payne

Jerome Shon

Dr. Sun Shulan

Sun Yan
China Operations

Brian Tse

Douglas Wong
Vice President

Wang Runde

David Wu

Julian Costas



Improving Life And Medical Care For All

CLZ Health will commit a portion of its profits to fund ground breaking, lifesaving medical research.  Moreover, CLZ Health recognizes that many patients worldwide who suffer from life threatening medical conditions or diseases do not have the financial means to obtain necessary medical services and treatment for such conditions.

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